Bubbling Match 3 fun with Azteca Bubbles!

What is Azteca Bubbles about?

Bubble Shooter Arcade Match 3

Azteca Bubbles is a bubble shooter matching puzzle game, and your goal is to shoot colored gems at a cluster of gems, which are merged together like a snake.

As you clear each cluster of gems, the snake-like gem creature becomes shorter, giving you more breathing space to aim and shoot and destroy even more clusters. The key to playing this game is to remain calm even as the snake-like creature approaches!


Exhilarating bubble shooter gameplay!

As all bubble shooter games go, your goal is to shoot identical bubbles (or gems) in order to match and clear the snake-like creature which has a body of these gems. In Azteca Bubbles, you will also get a reserve of one other gem that you can change freely so that technically speaking, you have two colors to choose from! This will let you take on a more strategic way of playing this game

If you do not like either of your options, you can instead opt for shooting into thin air to get different choices. However, time is of the essence so you better not overthink your moves!

In this game, instead of a normal timer ticking down the seconds, the snake-like gem creature is always trying to reach you. It is game over if it reaches you, and the only way to survive is by matching and destroying its body through the power of identical gems.

To aid in the planning of your strategy and survival, you can see the whole path the snake-like gem creature will take, and know where to shoot. The path has plenty of twists and turns, and since you can only shoot from a very specific angle, the snake itself can be its own shield. For example, if you have been saving up a green gem but there are no green gems to match at the tail of the snake creature, you will be stuck.

Bear in mind that if you shoot a gem and it does not form a match, the snake creature will grow in length and thus reach you earlier!

Yet this is not the end of your problems. To shake things up even more, larger snake creatures might emerge from the beginning of the path too! Quick thinking and quick decision making are a must if you want to succeed in this game, since there are no "relaxed" mode.

Can you clear every gem and survive? This can be a very fast paced game and you will need to be wary of your aim too!


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Powerful bonuses and power ups that make the gameplay more fun!

With such dire circumstances, you will be glad to know that not everything is out to get you in this game. There are power ups you can get and even buy!

How exactly do you buy power ups though? This can be done through the use of points that you have been accumulating. In our experience, the most used power up turns whatever gem you shoot into an explosion, without having to worry about whether you achieved a match or not.

The biggest advantage the purchased power ups have over the other kind is that you have complete control as to when you use them, how many you have in stock, and what kind of power up you purchase too!

Power ups that you earn also have their own advantage, and since you do not control when they appear, or even what they do, they are clearly greater in power. These appear when you do particularly big combos, or even when you fully clear the snake creature.

After unlocking them, you still need to move your gem shooting gun below them to catch them, and then the power happens. These power ups can either stop time, reverse it, or even give you a multi gem so you can clear multiple chains at once.

Great art style and trip back in history!

As hinted in the game, the art style is heavily Aztecan in nature. It is extremely colorful and vibrant with heavy Aztecan themes all around.

This extends even to the menus, which are decorated and designed as if one was exploring an ancient Aztec temple.

The gems one has to match are also quite beautiful, and they give off a peculiar shine that has ancient, mysterious vibes.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Azteca Bubbles has plenty of intricacies and depth in its gameplay, and it is well capable of urging from you that sense of having to play just one more round.

With the plethora of levels that can be found in no internet games, it will keep you entertained for hours on end. Download Azteca Bubbles now and try it out for yourself!

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Published 16 August 2022
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